30 de julho de 2019

Friendship is important because it keeps us all connected and it strengthens the bond that connects us

Is friendship good?

Mensagens sobre amizade/friendship messages:

For me, friendship is the most sacred thing in the world. A person without friends is not a person, not part of the society. People need friends to interact socially in their lives. 

Mensagens sobre amizade/friendship messages:

A amizade para mim é partilhar momentos da vida juntos. Que você só ganha com amizade.

Mensagens sobre amizade/friendship messages:

In a friendship between 2 people there is no place for anger, just happiness. Human beings make mistakes, but there’s no need to fight, just apologize and things will be fine. Friendship lasts forever.
Friendship is having someone you can count on, in good and bad times. We know that every day we will find a smile on a friend’s face. Even when we are upset, we stay together.


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